Select Promotional Items for Daily Use

The idea behind providing promotional items to customers is to get the business name, logo, or branding seen by as many people as possible. It makes sense to select an item that will be used often, if not on a daily basis, and used out in public. A magnet on a refrigerator may be seen daily, but it is only seen by members of that household. Portable items that will be seen in different locations will provide a higher return on the advertising investment. A larger product is more effective than smaller ones. Key rings, for example, are used daily, but it is unlikely people will notice a name or logo on someone else’s key ring.

When it comes to promotional products, bigger does not mean more expensive. Items are still cost-effective, easy to order, and can be handed out to customers without going over budget. Lanyards are a prime example. They can be printed in full color to draw attention to the business name, can be seen from a distance, and are versatile enough to be of daily use. They can hold cameras, badges, pens, keys, and even water bottles. People may use a lanyard while sightseeing, shopping, traveling, or working. A Stubby cooler promotional idea is also an excellent example of a larger and cost-effective item. People will use the insulated can or bottle holders at the beach, in the park, at their desks, during the commute on the bus or subway, walking through town, and out running errands. The logo will be clearly seen by thousands of people every day.

Tote bags, baseball caps, and vehicle sunshades are also used daily. They will be hard to miss in public and can provide enough space for additional information. The business name and logo can go on the front of a ball cap, for example, while the website can be printed on the back. Tote bags are available in a variety of sizes so complete contact information can fit on most of those options. Sunshades are basically miniature murals that can fit whatever a business owner wants to include. If switching to larger items is a major financial concern, just keep in mind that fewer items can be ordered for the same return as smaller items.